illegally posted signs

In a letter to the N&R today, D. M. Mitchell referred to signs tacked to utility poles.

I have long been concerned with these illegally posted signs. These are not hand-lettered signs advertising yard sales or community events. They are commercially printed signs on weather-proof boards. Without exception, these signs have contact information on them.

Why are the posters of these signs not contacted and prosecuted? I have mentioned these signs to various city officials and citizens. I am glad to see that I am not the only person offended by this practice.

On Westover Terrace between Benjamin Parkway and Cornwallis Drive I counted 11 of these illegally posted signs one day several weeks ago.

There has been so much attention paid to limiting and banning legal, attractive billboards on private property near our roads. I can't understand why there has not been a loud outcry about these illegally posted signs within the right-of-way of our city streets.

What do you think?


Calvin, Founding Blogger said...

I once worked for a company that used those signs to attract business. Sure, the bright yellow and pink signs were the most beautiful thing to look at, but they did help the business grow. Now you may think, only the business profits.

Well the business was a real estate investment firm (a real one, not one of these fake ones) that would buy several blocks at a time and redo every single home, fix it up and put a family in there.

True, the signs may not have looked the best but in the end the neighborhood looked better after.

Founding Blogger
Our World, Our View

Anonymous said...

I think your situation was an isolated one. I have also seen these signs posted all over Greensboro, and they are not for the betterment of the neighborhoods. They are an inexpensive and illegal (not to mention unattractive) way for businesses to advertise. Of coarse they help the business grow when they don't have to pay for legal advertising. I agree that something should be done to prevent them from being posted.