Greensboro Zoning Concerns

A request for rezoning in the Bellemeade/Smith street area will be heard today, July 11, 2005, at 2pm. This item has been postponed several times. I have been unable to find a posted agenda for today's Zoning Commission, but I assume that this item will be on the agenda again.

"An ordinance rezoning from General Business to Central Business - for the property bounded by Battleground Avenue, North Eugene Street, West Smith Street and North Edgeworth Street - for Bellemeade Development, LLC." - (Continued from April 11, 2005 Meeting and June 11, 2005 Meeting)

I believe that the main reason this zoning is being requested is that in Central Business Zoning districts there is no requirement for providing parking.

When I have brought up this question, I have been told that nobody would even consider putting in housing, shopping, and hotels without adequate parking. If this is true, why the zoning request?

One reason the request has been postponed is for a traffic impact study to be made, and we all know that a traffic impact study means whatever the city staff wants it to mean.

The worry about taxpayer-provided parking for downtown could be a concern for those of us who think that enough tax money has been thrown away on "downtown improvements" . Taxpayers could be asked to provide parking for the new development that is requested to be in Central Business Zoning.


Anonymous said...

Sandy Carmany and Tom Phillips should be directed to this posting. The two most Internet-savvy city council members, Carmany and Phillips, would undertake your wishes.

Anonymous said...

The stated reason the developers asked for the rezoning is not parking but setbacks. They could not build right to the curb except in the "Central Business" district, commonly known as downtown. As for the parking, they say that they are still talking with the city about public aid for streets and/or parking.

Matt Williams

Sandy Carmany said...


I have not seen this rezoning request since city council members do not receive this information unless the case is appealed to the City Council, at which time it is included in our agenda packet for the appropriate meeting. I make it a point NOT to comment on zoning case appeals until I have heard all the pertinent information at the public hearing on the case. To take a public stand on one of these cases before that hearing would be like a judge reaching a decision before he/she has heard the facts of the case. So it would be inappropriate to state a position even if I did have the information. (The city attorney constantly cautions council members on this point.)

diane said...

Hey Matt,

I believe that the developers have made it pretty clear that they intend to seek "amendment one" help to build some sort of parking. But it is not clear where the designated "pay back" area will be.

Landscaping and setbacks should be included in the area to make the sidewalks more friendly and to include space for transit waiting areas and outdoor seating.

These setbacks could be lessened as a condition of the zoning.

Chairman Fox made a remark before the vote was taken reminding the members of the commission that if this zoning request passed, every use that is permitted in the central business district would be permited in this area.

I'm worried.