News Release About Diane Davis

For Immediate Release: 9/1/05

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Diane Grey Davis is a candidate for the Greensboro City Council at Large. She is a tireless volunteer and community activist. She owned and operated Davis Design from 1981 until her recent retirement. She moved the store to South Elm Street in 1997, where it remains today.

She appears weekly on Radio WGOS AM as Downtown Diane on the Dusty Dunn Show where she gives news and opinions about Greensboro. Also available at

Diane and Lowell Davis have been married for over forty years and have lived in a downtown neighborhood since 1971. Their children grew up in Greensboro and graduated from Greensboro/Guilford public schools. Three of their five adult children and one of their three grandchildren reside in Greensboro.

Traffic and transportation problems, solid waste disposal options, as well as other issues that impact the quality of life in Greensboro will be top priorities for Mrs. Davis.

Better planning for future growth, to avoid more over-development in our area watersheds and green spaces, is an issue that concerns Diane. Her interests also include redevelopment of abandoned and neglected areas of our city, which can help reduce local sprawl.

As a small business owner for over twenty years, Diane is interested in encouraging entrepreneurs and in the continuing growth of the economy in our area.

Diane plans to carefully monitor use of taxpayer money, and to avoid any unnecessary increase in taxes paid by city residents.

Her volunteer activities have included work with: YWCA Teen Mentor Program, Greensboro Public Library, DGI, Scholastic Art Awards, Guilford County Schools, Greensboro Artist League, First Baptist Church, Volunteer Poll Watcher, GGMA, Citizens for Responsible Government, Action Greensboro, Humane Society, Girl Scouts, Fun Fourth Festival ...........
Member Greensboro Merchants Association Council on Center City, Downtown Economic Advisory Committee, League of Women Voters Board, Old Greensborough Preservation Society Board, Greensboro Neighborhood Congress, Artstock Artist Exhibits, Festival of Lights Advisory Board ..........

Diane Davis brings her Experience and Knowledge of Business, Family, Community Involvement and Service to the campaign for Greensboro City Council at-Large.


afp763389 said...
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Presence said...

Why hello Big Mom. I'm finally reading your blog. I am very proud of you. You represent the generation that ought to be running our government.

Your favorite (and only)granddaughter,