Three More Free Sessions

Thursday, Sept. 22, will be the third in a five-part series about the Guilford County Judicial System. The session will concentrate on Alternatives to Incarceration.The Sept. 22, program will be held at the Cultural Arts Center. Enter from the Church Street Parking Deck side of the building and register on the ground floor.
The programs have been well attended and very informative. The guest speakers have been excellent sources of information. The last half hour of the programs are devoted to answering questions posed by the audience.
I have posted information about the program which is sponsored by The League of Women Voters, One Step Further, The Greensboro Public Library and Court Watch of NC. (check the Aug. 20 post).
Each session is independent of the others and offers information from people involved in a particular aspect of our judicial system. The public has been invited to attend any or all of the sessions. There is no charge to attend.