Those funny marks

I don't know how to use apostrophes in the posts on my blog. What am I doing wrong? Please help me. Hardy posts them on his blog, and I have posted them on his comment section where they look fine.
I used them in the post before this and they look as if they belong in a cartoon bubble. HELP.


Sue said...

Are you using a PC or a Mac? What web browser, Microsoft or another one?

SeymourHardy said...


On the computer I'm using right now, your apostrophes in the post before this one look fine.

I can tell you were paranoid about them not showing up because you did something like this a couple of times: "don't (do not)".

But the apostrophe looked fine to me.

Sue knows volumes more on the technical end--I suspect the answers to the questions she just asked about what you use might make a difference.

I do know that I have pasted things for a post from somewhere else, and I always try to proof the post first because things like apostrophes will show up in distorted form.

Believe this sometimes involves a "?" appearing instead of an apostrophe.

But if you proof it first, you can also go back and correct it first before actually posting it.

I don't have absolute answers here.

Maybe Sue or someone else can elaborate.

See you Tuesday!


diane said...

I have an old i-mac. My internet connection is internet explorer. The only trouble I seem to have is my apostrophe and quote marks looking like cartoon swear words.
Any suggetions? Maybe it is like Hardy said. He suggested that maybe if I copy from another source is when it happens. That might be the case because I copied my e-mail to Yes Weekly directly onto the blog site.

diane said...

Hey Hardy,
Thanks for the help. I went back and edited the post by re-typing the words with quotes and apostrophes. They look find now.

Sue said...

The quote mark thing is a Mac thing - it's as old as posting on the Internet back in the NNTP days (before your online time, I think). Macs also provided a sort of %20 mark for spaces. This has been fixed in newer Mac operating systems. You'll also get this if you paste from Microsoft Word (it's the 'smart' or 'curly' quotes thing).

It's also dependent on the software; so blogger (your blog software) doesn't read the quote marks right from your older mac, but, for example, my WordPress software might correct for it. That's why it's inconsistent.

There could be an ASCII fix; but it'd be a PITA for you (pain in the a....) so I'll try to see if it'll work.

Otherwise, you could upgrade your operating system if Mac allows it on an iMac, choose another blogging software platform (another pain) or just don't use apostrophes.

It's a sort of unforgiving problem.

diane said...

Thanks Sue,
Even with all its flaws, I love my old i-mac. For the time being I will just muddle along. I feel better knowing that it is probably my system, not something that I am doing wrong, that makes the quote marks seem to swear at me. I can make some adjustments such as posting directly onto the web page or re-typing trouble spots if I copy from another source.
Thanks for the info.
See ya,