Good Soup, Good Wishes

Laurie over at is really an inspiration for me to cook up some good stuff. She had another good sounding soup on her site today.

Lowell doesn't like my homemade soups. (Not that he has ever (well maybe once) tasted one. Maybe one day he will decide to try one of my soups. After all, we have only been married a little over 46 years. It's never too late.

Last night for supper, we ate soup. He had Campbell's Vegetable and I had my homemade Turkey, Bean, Carrot with Cabbage, soup. We both enjoyed our own brand of warm, satisfying soup.

Today I made a pecan pie. Some of our children are coming to eat Hopin' John tonight. My son-in-law, who is a converted yankee, is bringing the collards. I will make cornbread and candied yams and probably some other stuff.

I have a cake in the oven. I used one of my mother's recipes. It was just about my favorite cake that she used to bake. I miss her still. She died in 1991 and my dad died in March of this year.

All in all, my family had a good year. Better than most people around the world can even hope for. What a wonderful life!

Happy New Year. Happy 2006 to you all. See ya at the blogs.

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Laurie said...

I'm glad you enjoy my soup recipes, Diane! Last year when I grew collards I found that a little bit of shredded collards in a soup added a lot of good flavor.

Sorry I haven't been around, I've been too busy to visit other blogs much lately!