More Nukes in North Carolina ??

Users of energy in North Carolina use about twice as much energy produced by nuclear power as the national average. More nuclear reactors may be coming to our state. The Raleigh N&O reports that "Progress Energy announced last week it would seek a license to build up to two new reactors at Shearon Harris in southwestern Wake County . . . . . . Progress Energy's announcement follows a similar decision by Duke Power in October to seek a license for two reactors."

There are several reasons for the requests for more nuclear reactors in NC. The population is increasing and the demand for energy is increasing. Regulations requiring less carbon in the air mean changes must be made in the way energy is produced. Nuclear reactors do not release carbon into the air. Federal incentives for nuclear power last year make it more cost-effective for the power producing companies than redoing old coal-burning facilities or building new gas burning ones. And, of course, the rising cost of gas is certainly a consideration.

The N&O reports that about 45 percent of electricity used in NC and SC comes from nuclear plants owned by Progress Energy and Duke Power. Both are planning to build more in the area.

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