Powerful Power Companies

North Carolina and the rest of the Southeast need more power.

Where will the power be produced? The debate seems to be between Nuclear Powered and Coal Powered facilities according to the Raleigh N&O

Where are the supporters of alternative sources of electricity? They are often portrayed as crackpots or dreamers. They are not.

There are cleaner, more eco-friendly sources of energy that need to be included in the mix of energy sources.

Americans will continue to use more and more energy, The source of this energy should be a concern to us all. Think about it.

According to the N&O "Nuclear waste remains radioactive for tens of thousands of years. When it is removed from reactors, it must be kept under water for at least five years. When it has cooled for five years, it can be stored outdoors in stainless steel casks."
Where will this waste be stored. Probably in NC near the new proposed plants.

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