New Trash Department ???

I have been a little behind in my observations of local current events. In my attempt to catch-up I read in theBusiness Journalthat the City of Greensboro will be adding a new department to handle solid waste in the city.

Of course, this new department will need a new director and probably other additional people to operate it. I wonder what happened to the City Council's budget promise to cut spending by not hiring new employees and by letting vacated positions go unfilled for extended periods of time.

I really need more information on this. I don't think this is the only position that the city has added lately. I know that solid waste is a bigger problem in Greensboro every day, especially in the Central Business District Downtown, because I have been serving on a city initiated task force to look into the problems and help find solutions. I did this as an unpaid volunteer on the committee. I must have missed too many meetings. I will post any information that I can find out about this department, as soon as I find out what's going on.

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