Come on Marta ! ! !

Who wrote that headline? ? ? "Bloggers' exuberance declines considerably"

Maybe the apostrophe was in the wrong place or the Typesetter left off the first word - "Some bloggers' exub........" would have been more accurate. Blogger's exuberance declines considerably would have been appropriate if the article had been only about Wharton's blog, but to clump most of the bloggers in Greensboro into this headline was not correct.

The "Ebb and Flow " line beneath the main header would have been more appropriate for this article and for describing writers or all ilks.

I was disappointed that there was no mention of LOCAL political blogging. There was much more good information about the recent City Council election on the blogs than there was in the printed version of the N&R, or other printed and broadcast media in Greensboro.

Council member Sandy Carmany gives blog readers (including, I suspect the News-Record) lots of information that is not readily available at any other "one stop local news source."

I expect that the blogs will give us reliable information about the upcoming Guilford County elections and NC State elections.
I thank all the bloggers who know how to get and publish information and take feedback from all.


Fecund Stench said...

A year ago, the N&R tried to breathe life into the local blogosphere. Now, it appears they wish it dead.

Roch101 said...

"Maybe the apostrophe was in the wrong place..."

You're funny.

Billy Jones said...

Perhaps Marta should try reading