A Couple of Dead Rats

I know that lots of sugar is bad for me. I know that I am fat. I know that I haven't much self-control when it comes to my eating habits. I also know that most of the things that I put into my body are not bad for me in small amounts, and most are actually good for me in moderate amounts.

Beth at Greensboroing changed from sugar to Splenda, Saying that since sugar might possibly cause kidney problems, she would take her chances on Splenda.

Too much sugar is definitely bad for us, but wouldn't it be better (even if not easier) to cut down on sugar than to add an artificial sweetener to your regular diet?

I'm not an expert on Splenda, but I have done lots of reading about another sugar substitute called aspartame. It is sold mostly under the name "Equal".

Beth says: "But what are you to do? Give up sweetness all together? No thanks. I'll take my chances."

My advice to her is: Please get more information about these products. There is more evidence about their bad effects than a couple of dead rats.

I'll take my chances with sugar.

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Anonymous said...

I follow the rule of "The Best of Two Evils"; I drink diet cola with my Chocolate Fudge Sundae!