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In yesterday's budget planning meeting Tom Phillips mentioned several times that the budget planning process should include looking at each and every city department in depth. He admitted that even if the process starts now there probably will be no impact on the 2006 budget. He thinks that looking at each department will take a long time and should start soon so that the results will be available for future budget planning.

City Manager Mitch Johnson said that even if the council manages to save a little here and there, the overall effect will be small.

Phillips disagrees. He thinks that some places where the city can cut expenses are obvious and should be looked at first. One of the programs he thinks should be cut is The Commission on the Status of Women. His reasoning is that we have a city department devoted to women and minorities and women seem to be doing ok in Greensboro. After all, there are more women on the city council than men and the chairman of the county commission is a woman.

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