Drug Games

The games go on with Bristol-Myers Squibb about potential sites for their new drug plant.

The Raleigh N&O reported that a spokesman for the giant drug company would only say that the company is considering sites in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and North Carolina. "I can't comment on any specific sites," he said.

But the N&R _ (sorry, I should have said the Raleigh N&O) _ reported today that people involved in the negotiations in Wake County said that the company is now considering a different site in North Carolina, possibly in Lee County.

Before the Bristol-Myers games began, the Wake County Board of Commissioers had planned to approve the almost 500-acre site for a landfill that planners say could handle the county’s trash for about 25 years.

Tony Gurley, chairman of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, said a majority of the board felt that the drug plant would have been a better deal, but without it, the landfill will probably go forward.

Holly Springs Mayor Dick Sears said he hopes that county commissioners will realize the potential of the land and will not vote to build a landfill on the site.

Commissioners will consider their options at a regular meeting May 1.

Raleigh N&O

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