A stupid rant from me

As I was driving home this morning from Downtown Greensboro, I turned onto Adams Street. It is a little street in my neighborhood that gets more traffic than it should for such a narrow street. It wasn’t used much until the crazies in the so-called neighborhood association conned the GDOT people into putting up a traffic barrier at East Lake Dr. and Friendly Ave. The barrier, which was built after McIver Street was realigned to help traffic leaving the UNCG parking deck, prevents traffic from crossing Friendly on East Lake. The ugly cement barrier helps to divert traffic through the neighborhood and onto Adams. The traffic barrier was a really stupid way for the city to waste money.

Anyway, as I turned onto Adams Street I saw a small car entering the street at the other end of the block. Being a good southern girl, I stopped my vehicle, checked behind me and backed close to the curb behind some parked cars. I figure the man driving the approaching car was either mad at his wife or he didn’t grow up in the Greensboro area or probably anywhere south of here, with the possible exceptions of Florida, Atlanta and Charlotte.

I think this because he did not even acknowledge that I had gone out of my way to allow him to pass on this narrow street. He didn’t look at me, he didn’t smile, he didn’t wave, he didn’t even nod. He just proceeded past me as if he owned the street and I didn’t exist.

I know that there are many people who are good, safe, thoughtful drivers in our town. I know that all the butt-heads aren’t from afar. Some have learned good driving manners since they moved here, some may even have brought good manners with them.

Maybe some people are just distracted and don’t think about how rude they are on the road. And some just take out their frustrations on strangers. Whatever reason others have for being rude, it is their problem. I will continue to try and over look their ignorance. I will be a polite driver and I will continue to acknowledge a fellow traveler who shows courteous behavior on the road. I promise.

BTW: I am also considerate of pedestrians and bike riders who are not always following good safety practices.

I’m finished now. Thank you for letting me take out my frustration with rude drivers at my computer, and not while driving.

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