Waste-to-Energy Pays for Itself

In May of 2005, Energy Business Review Reported that Naanovo Energy would build a $300 million, 12-module waste to energy plant in Encinada, Mexico.

In November, 2005, it was reported that International Power Group, Ltd. (IPWG) had received an exclusive licensing agreement from Naanovo Energy for various countries including The United States, Great Britain, China, Philippines, Venezuela and Mexico.

Information on several web sites explained how these plants would be financed.

". . .The financing would be collateralized by the waste contracts currently held by International Power Group. Additional collateralization would be provided by the sale of energy and water, which would be generated by production of this facility. Annual sales of electricity are projected to be $135 million and water, $50 million. Waste contracts that will fuel the waste to energy plant are also projected to be worth $300 million. . ."

The Technology for safe, profitable, earth-friendly waste disposal and energy production is out there. Why isn't North Carolina using it. The process mentioned above is only one option for producing energy from garbage.

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