City Attorney Stymies Good Action by Council

Last night near the end of the regular Greensboro City Council meeting, just before the Council went into closed session to discuss economic incentives, personnel problems and law suits, there was some discussion about delivery trucks being ticketed for parking in the street while unloading. (see previous post) This practice has been overlooked for many years because there is no other place for unloading large trucks. The City, in it's ??wisdom?? closed off most of the alleyways downtown years ago.

Council members and the Mayor discussed where the trucks should park and if there should be a "designated delivery time." Some members wanted to suspend the practice of giving delivery trucks tickets for parking in the street or in regular spaces until the problem could be worked out.

The City Attorney informed the Council that this could not be done without changing a local ordinance. So, the discussion almost stopped.

I could not see some of the people commenting from the staff area, but I think that Ben Brown, Assistant City Attorney, said it would be worked out. I hope it will be, AND SOON because any dummy knows that retail cannot survive without deliveries.

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Anonymous said...

And what about Jim Melvin, Matt Brown, and Kevin Green being in England playing golf?
Haven't they heard of Grandover?