TALK TRASH to City Council Candidates

Does Greensboro/Guilford Couhty want to SAVE our garbage in huge mega dumps or USE it to generate energy ?

Does Greensboro, Guilford County and the State of North Carolina want to continue to destroy mountains, streams, and kill people and wildlife by using coal to generate energy in NC ?

Will Voters demand better options for trash disposal and energy production ?

Ask Candidates for Greensboro City Council if they want to continue to ship our household trash to a mega dump or if they want to use better, cleaner, enironmentally friendly ways to dispose of garbage.

I have written about this many times. To read more: click energy or trash talk under labels on the left side of my blog.

More Waste-to-Energy Options.

Check out this site for information about Geothermal Waste-to-Energy

Find questions and answers about Geothermal Bio Conversion.

This process was briefly investigated several years ago by the City of Greensboro. It was dismissed as being untested in real situations and still in the experimental stage. From the information that I have found lately, looks like progress has been made and this could be a viable option for our region. The amount of waste needed to make it a profitable or pay-for-itself option is in question for this area; but, I think it is worth exploring as another option to shipping Household Trash to a private dump in another county.

There are so many ways to dispose of trash without building huge dumps.

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