A Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2007 editorial in the News and Record Entitled Reckless Endangerment said:

"Part of the problem is a culture that still embraces alcohol abuse as a rite of passage. (In another eminently useless college ranking, the Princeton Review on Monday released the Top 10 'party' and 'stone-cold sober' schools.)

Another Part of the Problem is the practice of glamorizing alcohol use and encouraging college students to drink by encouraging them to attend events like the one planned in Downtown Greensboro on Sept. 8

"From 6-11pm, see free entertainment and sample food vendors, giveaway booths and two beer gardens selling Natty Greene’s and Budweiser beer.

From 7pm until 2am, downtown restaurants, bars and some retail shops will offer extended hours and special promotions for event attendees during Downtown After Dark.

Transportation is available through HEAT and GTA buses running as late as 3am and students of HEAT partner schools can ride for free using their student ID or a school issued HEAT fare card."

Our society cannot continue to send two messages to our young people by speaking out against alcohol use and also continuing to make big money from the consumers of this deadly drug. I am not advocating making alcohol illegal. We know that doesn't work. Just stop promoting it's use as the best way to have a good time. Can one enjoy a sporting event sober? Can one enjoy a musical event sober? Can we have a street festival without having several beer gardens promoting locally brewed beer? I think so. Greensboro can do better.

See earlier post against Encouraging Students to drink in Greensboro.


Anonymous said...

Indeed Diane! Well said. First Horizon Park and it's profitable conccion on beer at ball games. The keeping of Center City Park in private hands so that bbeer can be sold at social events held in the park. The message is clear. BB

Anonymous said...

Great post, Diane, and an excellent point.

Joe Guarino