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Hello Blog Readers,
I started this blog because I want a conversation with the Greensboro Community. Please feel free to drop by anytime and leave your comments about any subject that concerns Greensboro. I welcome questions about my candidacy for city council. I will work hard FOR the CITIZENS of Greensboro.
Thank you for visiting my place. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck in your bid for City Council.

Vada said...

Hi! I hope you will address the issue of making Greensboro more green-friendly... ie pushing public transportation and sidewalks, bike lanes, more recycling programs, farmers markets,etc. If you do, then you have my vote!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I can be a one-song chanter; with the money pit on Lee Street being my only song. The city claims to have lost $250K on the Generals; but failed to point out the coliseum gained nearly $500K in advertising because the Generals played in the coliseum. The coliseum loses a valuable tennant because it took advertising money that should have rightfully gone to the hockey franchise.

In High Point, the signs that the Furniture Market was leaving were visible years ago. In Greensboro, the signs that the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament will be gone after 2010 are visible now.

The coliseum needs local tennants and the city should realize affordable entertainment will bring crowds, not debts.

Don Moore

diane said...

Did you read my promises on the left side of the page?

Take a friend to the polls. We need a good turn out for the primary election on Oct. 11.


diane said...

I agree that the Coliseum could be managed better.

SeymourHardy said...


I could not find your e-mail address so that I could ask you a question by e-mail.

Other voters may be interested in asking questions but not want to post them as a public comment.

Could you send me your e-mail address to

The question I want to ask, by the way, is how many debates and/or forums have you been invited to so far?

What are the dates and times for these?

And who is sponsoring them?

(You may not have received any invitations yet, but I'd like to know one way or the other.)

Feel free to post an answer, but also e-mail me if you don't mind.

My e-mail address is



diane said...

Hey Hardy,
My e-mail address is
Please feel free to send me e-mail questions and
I have received several invitations to candidate
forums. I will post information when I know more
details of the others.

Congregational Church of Christ - Sept. 28, - 6:30 at
the church 400 Radiance Dr.

WOMAN (Women Over-40 Meeting And Networking) - Oct. 10, - 6:45 at Mahi's Restaurant, 4721 Lawndale Dr.

Vada said...


Great Platform. In addition to the waste management program, the issue of organic waste should be addressed. Some groups estimate that 70% of what goes into landfills is organic, and could be composted. It would be great if some sort of pilot program could be started, similar to the way the recycling program began here years ago. Its probably feasible to say that composted materials could be sold to farmers, gardeners, or even used by the city for landscaping and beautification.

Sandy Carmany said...


Greensboro has been operating a yard waste compost facility many years already -- that's why you have to place your leaves, lawn clippings, sticks, etc. separately at your curb on your garbage pick-up day. There is a composting facility out at the landfill and the compost is then resold to offset the cost of operations.

diane said...

Thanks for reminding us about this!

I meant to post something about the composting that is done with yard waste. It's a good program.