What, Exactly, is a Billboard?

Don Vaughan posted a question on his blog about the appropriateness of some really ugly real estate signs on Bryan Boulevard.

I wasted some time looking on the Greensboro City Website trying to find something about the scenic corridor rules. I didn't find rules. But, if my memory serves me correctly, I think that there is an exemption for real estate signs. And I don't think that the size or appearance of them is addressed.

I seem to remember that when Mayor Holliday was campaigning against such restrictive billboard limits on some roads, he showed real estate signs that would not be restricted in the proposed ordinance.

I guess that the new stadium scoreboard sign is not a billboard and the new plastic screen on Washington and Elm streets is not a billboard because new billboards are not permitted in the Central Business District.

We really have some strange sign laws here in Greensboro.

What, exactly is the definition of a billboard in Greensboro?

It certainly doesn't mean a big ugly sign. Many "billboards" display quite attractive advertisements and community announcements.



Missy said...

Diane: The big plastic screen downtown has gone dark -- well, as dark as a white screen can go, I guess. The city decided that the plastic screen IS a billboard after all.

missy said...

apparently shad won a reprieve, because the screen was working again this weekend. hmmmm, the city is indecisive. quelle surprise...