News-Record Makes Big Mistake!

In today's News & Record editorial about the Greensboro City Council race, the writer stated that Robbie Perkins chose not to seek re-election in District 3. That statement was correct. However, the writer(s) then mentioned the candidates for that district.

All of the candidates mentioned as running in District 3 are actually running for the District 4 Seat vacated by Florence Gatten. Ms Gatten, who says that she promised not to run more than twice in District 4, has filed to run at-large.

I wonder how many people helped write this column; because, in another paragraph Tom Phillips is mentioned as an unopposed candidate in District 3. This is a correct statement. Mr. Phillips is currently serving on the council in an at-large capacity and is running unopposed in District 3 where Robbie Perkins will not seek re-election.

The editorial department at the News-Record might need to consult someone to check facts about the status of the Greensboro City Election.


Sandy Carmany said...

They also stated incorrectly that Claudette has served on the council for 23 years!

Woody Cavenaugh said...

To defend the paper, it was in the editorial section. People say things that are wrong in the editorial section all the time.


diane said...

There is very little excuse for making mistakes like this on the editorial page. These people have plenty of time to check the articles.

If the news sections make mistakes, which they frequently do, it could be because in the rush to get the news out, there is not always time to check and re-check the information. Sometimes it is necessary to leave out some of the details because there is not enough time to check them. I understand this. But the editorial pages should be more careful about their information.

The opinions on the editorial page should be based on facts, but even when the facts are there, everyone doesn't view them in the same way. I understand that, also.

Thanks for your comment.

Tom Phillips said...

This is typical of the Editorial Department. No wonder they can't seem to understand many of the issues we deal with.

Laurie said...

Diane, are YOU running for office?

I know that you did at one time.

I'd vote for you!

diane said...

Hey Laurie,
I'm running for Greensboro City Council at Large.

Thanks for your confidence.

Allen Johnson said...

My bad. I'd chalk it up to a senior moment but that's no excuse. In fact, I live in one of the districts I mangled. But I suppose if I can dish the criticism, I ought to be willing to take it. Have at it, guys.
I promise to do better on the campaign trail. See you then.

Laurie said...

Diane, can you put the fact that you're running on your sidebar or on your banner? I realize that I'm a bit thick about keeping up with things - I get overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. I'll bet that I'm not alone in that, though.

Billy Jones said...

Not that it has anything to do with this post but as I noticed your comments over at Warton's blog I thought I'd leave the same comment here:

It's one block from my home to my brother's home here in East Greensboro, and while my brother and I walk that block many of our family members do not. We can see each other's houses but traffic makes it unsafe for my nephews and nieces to walk from one house to the other even as we stand on our porches and watch them.

We have no sidewalks, no traffic enforcement, 300 plus cars a day run the stop sign on the corner of Textile and Willard and the average speed on Textile and Sykes is 55MPH plus in a 35MPH zone that should be 25 or less. We've complained to the city for over 40 years and it's only gotten worse.

Delete if you wish, I won't have any hard feelings as it doesn't pertain to this post, I just wanted you to know.

Peter Kauber said...

Mistakes like this could lead the casual reader to conclude that the editors do not know what they're talking about. This is unfortunate, since occasionally they do.