How Does the Court System Work?

Like many of you, I know very little about the actual workings of the court system. I have served on several juries (both criminal cases and civil cases) but have never been personally involved in a court case.

I have worked on a committee for several months that is presenting a 5-week, 5-session program to help people like me learn more about how the court system works. I have learned a lot while working on this committee and I hope to learn more during the sessions.

In our lifetimes there are many occasions that could result in having to deal with the Guilford County Court System. This series of informational sessions will allow us to listen to short presentations by the people who participate in the courts on a daily basis. At the end of each session, there will be at least a 30 minute questions and answer session.

I invite you to attend these sessions. I think that they will be a very good use of your valuable time.

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