More Trash Stories

Johnson (oops, I mean Johnston) County is having its own trash problems. Another report in the Raleigh News and Observer is about the problem of unauthorized dumping.

Some counties are addressing the growing problem of what to do with garbage, but Greensboro and Guilford County are operating in a dream world. Apparently hoping that if we ship our trash somethere else, it will just disappear and not be a problem any more.

I guess if we spend thousands of dollars to put new street lights around a park in downtown, we won't have to think about garbage. We will all be able to sit in the park all day and night and play with our laptop computers. After all, there is free wireless access.

I wonder how many of the homeless people who frequent local parks have laptop computers. Maybe the next question will be "Hey man, may I use your i-book. I just need to make reservations to get to my new job in . . . . . ."

And what will happen to the empty coffee containers we throw into the beautiful new trash cans? I guess they will be someone else's problem.


Roch101 said...

Diane, do you have something against free wireless access?

diane said...

Of course not. I love free wireless access. I just question if the '"free" wireless in the downtown park is really "free".
What do you think?
I like to listen to you. I want to know what you and others think. That is one of the main reasons that I read blogs and listen to talk radio and talk to people, and read books, magazines, newspapers, etc.
I believe in life-long learning.
Thanks for your comments.
See ya,

TL said...

Ahem.... Let's make sure we know our county names.

Make it Johnston County, please.

diane said...

Sorry about that.
I will correct it on the post. Thanks for pointing out the misspelling.