Better Ideas

Two of the most important problems facing Greensboro and all of North Carolina are: Waste Disposal and Affordable Energy Sources. These should be addressed today. We have many options for dealing with these problems. Greensboro City Council can be the leader in regional planning for the future. (look at the WTE site WTE ) for information on Waste to Energy.

Greensboro City Council passed a policy in 1998 to look into regional waste disposal problems. Then, apparently, it was pushed aside and ignored. In the past several months there has been a little vague talk about a regional landfill, but no real push for action. No new ideas, no innovative thinking, just a few lame excuses.
Help me take action to address these problems. I need your vote. Good government is forward-looking.

Good government is not a spectator sport. Get involved. GO VOTE!

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