Downtown Building Concerns

Greensboro Downtown development and re-development is a wonderful thing that is happening in our city. I love it! It is also something that requires much scrutiny.

I have been concerned for sometime about the expansion of the Greensboro Central Business zoning district area. CB zoning is creeping outside the traditional downtown area of Greensboro. The lack of parking requirements in the CB zoning should be a concern for every citizen because someone is going to have to pay for providing parking to the area.

The new co-called "self -financing bonds" that can be issued by the city council without voter approval are one way to finance parking garages. This type of bonds have had limited use in other areas, but have not been fully tested over time and shown to be the best way to finance public projects. The theory is that as property values will go up the increased taxes paid by property owners will pay off the bonds.

The advantage of this type zoning is certainly to the developer of projects in Downtown Greensboro. Builders in other areas of the city have to provide parking and landscape areas at their own expense and pass the price up front to buyers and tenants.

Greensboro City Councils Members will determine how many of these non-voter-approved bonds will be issued and what areas will be included in the pay-back taxes.

What do you think?

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Sue said...

I think that some non-voter-approved bonds are going to be necessary to make downtown all it can be. Because it has special needs, it requires and deserves special treatment. I'd like to see more Greenville-type garage building by the city where the city also recoups profits. Parking is probably what keeps most people who don't go downtown from going downtown.

Ed Kitchen and I talked about why I was drooling at Greenville's public parking. It's bright and airy, has great signage, and is easy to walk in and out of (try that in the Greene St. deck - right after you find parking for Kress Terrace). I mean really, what WERE these people thinking?

We can't close our eyes to downtown parking anymore. It has to get better and easier for those who aren't regulars. As more biz opens downtown, as it gets busier, people (suburbanites) won't go unless there is safe, clean, lighted, signed, and priced (in an easy-to-read manner before you go into the garage) parking.

Expanding the CBD is a good idea. We have several fine downtown streets and all ends of them should be included.