Sunshine in Greensboro?

Sunshine in city government is not the only sunshine we could use more of in Greensboro.
Streetscape lighting around the new center city park in downtown Greensboro is a perfect place to showcase solar energy. Taxpayers are spending at least 750,000 dollars to change the street lights and sidewalks around the park - and this does not include the power bill to operate these lights. Our city manager and city council have not seriously considered the solar option.

Solar power can be used with any design of streetlight. The lights can be operated with solar energy with a back-up from Duke Power, if needed.

There are experts on solar energy in our area who can give realistic appraisals of operating costs vs. investment costs. Why isn't the city listening?

Greensboro needs forward-thinking members on the city council. I offer myself as one of these. I need your vote on November 8, to help bring NEW and BETTER IDEAS to Greensboro.



Sue said...

Why are you focusing so much effort and attention on the park? Certainly, solar power -- if it's workable -- should be focused on bigger projects, ya think? You always harp on the park. Isn't there anything else that's an issue?

BTW: thanks for all your help at ConvergeSouth!

diane said...

Hey Sue,
I always enjoy hearing from you, but you very seldom seem to get my message clearly.
Of course there are much bigger issues. But this could be a wonderful way for Greensboro to make their park even better.
And, of course, there is the constant run-around and evasive answers to questions about the park that annoy me and many other voters.
Enjoyed ConvergeSouth.

Laurie said...

I think that solar power in the park would be a wonderful place to start. Perhaps it could be also used to power the fountain pumps. It would show off the potential for alternative energy technology to the public. I think that most voters will want to see the results of using alternative energy in smaller projects before they'd be willing to support the bigger projects (which I also wholeheartedly support, as well as wholeheartedly supporting the park, whether it is funded by taxes or not!)

Go Diane!

Anonymous said...

hey diane-
it's laura---from back in the days of studio 354---so glad to see we have so much in common re: renewable energy--can you direct me to some local info resources/groups/clubs?---thanks--take care