Civic Leadership

According to the N&R this morning, I have no civic leadership listed in my qualifications for Greensboro City Council. I thought the reporters and editors at the N&R kept up with local blogs. Apparently nobody there has read mine.
I have listed some of my volunteer activities and my leadership activities on this blog and in the news release that was sent to local media outlets and posted on the blog.
I have served or am currently serving on several local boards and committees. My civic responsibility is well-known by my friends as well as by those with whom I have disagreed on some local issues.
Where should my civic leadership experience be listed? Apparently it will not be in the N&R.


Roch101 said...

Hi Diane,

Why don't you list them again for us?

diane said...

Please read my post on this blog on Sept. 2.

Anonymous said...

I used none listed on our bios because on your questionnaire to the editorial board, there was nothing specific listed under the question to that effect. I see now that you listed some "civic leadership" activities in an answer to a different question. I apologize.

Our online site and our future stories will reflect the activities you listed.

Matt Williams

diane said...

Thanks Matt,
You're wonderful.