Blog withdrawal symptoms

I am having trouble with my old computer. I cannot read Sandy Carmany's blog. Each time I try to call it up, I get a few lines, then my curser just spins indefinitely or the whole system shuts down.
I have not been able to get to the N&R blogs for some time now. I think the trouble with theirs began when they updated and changed. At first I could read the blogs, but not the comments, then the blogs became hard to pull up.
Maybe Santa will be kind and bring me a new I-book. Ho Ho Ho. Like that's going to happen.


Sue said...

Dell. Refubs. Get one after Christmas. Be sure to look for the coupons, too. BTW, can you upgrade the operating system on your Mac?

BTW2, W-S Chamber gives members BIG Dell discounts...why doesn't ours?

Anonymous said...

If anyone deserves a great gift from Santa, it's you.

diane said...

I'll look into that Dell thing. My son has a Dell lap top that he likes.
I have already updated my MOS at least one time. I might have to try adding some more memory. I have done that several times, too.
I've got to do something. I can't start running to the library every day to keep up with what's going on in blogsboro.