GOOD Smells & BAD Smells

My home still has that great Christmas scent from the live spruce & other seasonal decorations. Ahh, the sweet smell of cinnamon and cloves and fresh fruit.

_______________________Other areas are not so sweet.

The RaleighN&O reports that hog waste treatments that have been developed over the past several years may be too expensive unless taxpayers are willing to bear some of the costs.

New technologies to dispose of hog waste in a more environmentally friendly way could cost up to 5 times more than the open-air lagoons used now. The state has provided a grant to study how to bring down the costs associated with the better hog waste disposal methods.

Environmentalist and hog industry spokespeople knew when this research began that better technology would cost more. The problems seem to be who will pay for the conversion and how economically feasible will it be for the industry and the state. And also, how badly do we want to protect the land and water that we all need to survive.

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