Cary, NC gets into Fertilizer

The Town of Cary has invested several million dollars in afertilizer
plant to process the town's sewage sludge into small pellets that they hope to eventually sell to a fertilizer blending company. Town officials call the plant a "biosolids dryer". They say that it will reduce the cost of disposing of sewage sludge, and maybe make a profit in a few years.
The pellets smell like wet moss. (that is what the article in the Raleigh N&O tells me, I haven't smelled any myself.)
Sounds like a good idea for the town.

What do you think?

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Inkslinger336 said...

Great idea but why did it take so long?
Milwaukee Wisconsin, the makers of "Milorganite" organic fertilizer has been doing it since 1926.
People buy bags of cow manure all the time at their local garden centers. This is an idea whose time has come, especially with having to use petroleum products to produce non-organic fertilizer.
The fixation on it being "people poo" may be a little hard to overcome, but as you say in your post, it doesn't smell bad.