New Year's Resolution for Greensboro? ? ?

One new year's resolution that I would like to see the Greensboro City Council adopt is to promise to implement better options for solid waste disposal. Household trash, demolition and construction waste, municipal sewage and animal waste are all sources that can be used to produce energy. This approach deals with three problems facing our area:

-reducing the volume of trash going into landfills
-producing energy from local renewable sources
-providing jobs/improving the economy

I urge readers of this blog to contact Greensboro City Council representatives and ask what will be happening to Greensboro's household waste when the trash transfer station becomes operable. The answers that I have gotten are not acceptable.

**(Added Fri, Dec. 30)
**Guilford County residents inside and outside Greensboro would benefit from a local/regional cooperative effort to reduce the volume of trash going into dumps in our area and in all of North Carolina. I urge you to contact your local town council or county commissioners and ask them to join in a cooperative effort.
**Many rural areas in our state are considering allowing private companies to buy or rent space to build dumps for garbage from out-of-state. This is a temporary source of income for these areas, but could be potentially dangerous in years to come. Think about it.

A little Info on Energy from BioMass sources.

A little Info about renewable energy from The North Carolina Solar Center

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