RE: It could only happen.....

I have lived in Greensboro for over 30 years, and I can't remember when the city sewer system and the city storm drains were adequate. I have witnessed the Lake Daniel area and the Latham Park area have regular sewage overflow and stormwater flooding as well as other areas of the city. Bad zoning decisions and development in some areas has made the problem worse. I remember when several apartment complexes flooded several times recently.
The City of Greensboro has been improving some of the many miles of sewers here. But, only under a mandate from the State of NC.

As far as not hearing much about the problem, I have mentioned the poor maintenance of city property in each of my 3 runs for a seat on Greensboro City Council. Our public transportation system is another disgrace that is finally getting some attention. I have been to so many meetings and talked to so many people about the bus system here that I can't even remember. (I'll blog more on that later.)
On several occasions I have talked to city council representatives about the sewer problem. During a radio broadcast several years ago I asked 2 members of the city council why the city could not find money to repair and maintain the sewer system. I even inquired about why some money from the general fund could not be transferred each year to go to repairing and maintaining the system. I was told that money was kept for emergencies.
This is not a new problem. It is just one of the many important things that our city council has failed to address while they spend endless hours on discussion about replacing carpet at the coliseum and putting unnecessary medians in the middle of streets and buying property for the ACC., and giving grants to non-accountable "non-profit groups", and a hundred other non-essential ways to spend taxpayer's money.

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