Right Thing! Wrong Reason?

The New Greensboro City Council made some good decisions last night. To deny the purchase of the Cedar Street property was a good decision. If the property meets RUCO standards, there is no good reason to harass the landlord or force him out of the area. When he decides that he can make more money by selling the land, than by keeping it and paying taxes and fines and repair costs, he will. Or maybe he will be the one to build better housing there. Who knows, but the city government just needs to make sure that the complex provides safe housing.

I liked the comments about landlords' rights. Bad tenants are responsible for lots of damage to rental property. Low rent property can't stay low rent if the owner has to spend more and more to repair damage done by irresponsible renters.
The problem of affordable housing for low income residents has many facets. Bad landlords is only one of them.

To postpone making a decision on the multi-family zoning and change to the FLUM on Freeman Mill Road was a good decision - Only because the council and citizens seemed confused by the situation. Actually, everybody there seemed confused. "Confuse and Conquer" seemed to be the tactic of the proponents of this change in the FLUM. The Council showed good judgment.

The decision to extend sewer service to the Pleasant Garden shopping center did not make the grade. I don't feel sorry for people who move out of the city so they will not have to pay city taxes and then complain that they have to drive into town to buy groceries. Most of them probably drive into town to work. Maybe they could shop here too. A few local celebrities show up at a City Council Meeting and look what happens. The council goo goos and melts.


Laurie said...

We were tenants for many years, and we didn't understand about "bad tenants" until my mother-in-law had to move into a nursing home and we rented out her condo. We learned the hard way about how difficult it can be to be a landlord. I have a lot more sympathy for landlords now, but not Agapion!

diane said...

I can understand that. His company seems to be worse than most.