I spent this morning in a workshop sponsored by the Greensboro Housing Coaliton.
The focus was on safe, affordable housing in Greensboro. There were charts and maps about how many building code violations were in certain parts of the city and large and small group discussions about what to do to improve some of the housing problems we have here.
This whole effort made me start to ask some questions about housing and neighborhoods. I wonder why some neighborhoods stay nice while others rapidly or slowly become undesirable areas. Why some neighborhood property values increase at a good rate and others don't.
I drove through several areas in different parts of Greensboro. What is the reason that houses of about the same size, style and age become so different over the years?

If we could figure out what helps people take pride in where they live and in the property they own or rent, maybe we could figure out what the community as a whole should do to help everyone in Greensboro feel proud that they live in a safe, healthy place and work to keep it that way.
Oh, well, dream on diane.

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