Re-Zoning in Glenwood

I posted about this on December 2

Several council members went on a Glenwood tour sponsored by the Greensboro Housing Coalition. This tour concentrated more on bad housing than on the improvements that have been made to the area recently.

The unsafe housing should be repaired, but the best thing that could happen to the neighborhood (in my opinion) is to keep present low density zoning as the Greensboro Future Land Use Plan advises and to encourage people to buy houses in the area.

If the neighborhood continues to fray around the edges with the help of bad zoning and willy-nilly changes to the comprehensive plan, young couples and preservationist will not want to invest there. This is the worse thing that could happen.

Greensboro needs reasonably priced family housing near downtown. Glenwood offers a mix of housing styles and price ranges. The neighborhood deserves a chance to shine.

Greensboro City Council should not approve the re-zoning request on Freeman Mill Road or changes to the GFLUM in this area at this time. These requests are scheduled to be heard Tuesday, Dec. 20.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Elizabeth that
"Glenwood is an historically significant neighborhood that deserves better development. At the zoning board meeting, the staff said that the developers had done an "adequate" job of meeting standards. I'm pretty sure no one on the city council would like "adquate" development in their neighborhood: the quality of an "adequate" new development has nowhere to go but down as it ages. Bad planning and bad design have bad long-term consequences. Glenwood needs good development that can conserve and enhance its traditional character; assistance with comprehensive planning; incentives to support restoration of historic buildings; and incentives for redevelopment that respects neighborhood context and sensibilities."
Quoted from a post by Elizabeth Keathley